How does Devin Alexander find healthy restaurants when traveling?

There are some chains that are known for that — to just have healthier options. I usually try to ask. For instance, I was just in Cleveland, and I was looking for a deli. I asked the concierge and they’re like, “Oh right around the corner,” and I’m like, “Do they have real turkey?” and they looked at me like I was crazy. If you ask those kinds of questions, people can lead you to places that will be healthier. If I’m going to be gone for a stretch at the same place, I get a refrigerator in my hotel room. Then I’ll just go to a grocery store and get snacks or sandwiches made from the grocery store. You don’t save a fortune, but you know it’s much healthier. A lot of times, I’m so busy anyway that it’s easy to do that once than go out.

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