What does Devin Alexander love most about her job?

I just get to reach people. It’s so funny because part of me loves being in the kitchen; it feels so good to crack the code on some recipe and really figure something out that no one else has. But then the other part is after I do that for a while, I can get really burnt out on being isolated in my kitchen. Then I go out and talk to fans. Really what drove this is one of my very first TV segments, which was for a show on Discovery Health called National Body Challenge. They made this family eat really super-clean food for weeks. And then they brought me in to make over tacos for them, and it was so funny because when they found out that’s why I was there, they were jumping up and down screaming as if they won the lottery.

How do you not love your job? To know you could take someone who’s absolutely miserable — and when people really feel like they can’t have what they want, they get miserable and feel so obsessive. I know that because I was a person who was so crazed I weighed myself as much as 28 times a day; I was totally obsessed with food. To know that you can deliver a total change to someone’s life and bring so much pleasure to them — there’s no feeling in the world like that.

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