What does Donatella Arpaia always travel with?

I always carry a light cashmere wrap — kind of like a pashmina. It’s very important to me because I’m always cold. A lot of these hotels, you’re always cold. And it’s perfect on the plane. I love to do that. But you know, as you travel more and more, you become a master of editing and narrowing things down to the essentials. I’m at a point where I refuse to — unless I’m staying somewhere for more than a week — check my bag. I just don’t do it.
I always decide to buy [a book] at the airport instead of lugging things with me. In today’s society with the iPads and the books, everything has become much more efficient. I used to lug everything — I used to bring all these books and then end up being weighted down. My whole thing is that whatever I don’t bring, I can buy. But usually, when I’m at the airport, I decide to buy the latest book or magazine that I want to read.

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