What are Drew Nieporent's favorite cities to visit?

San Francisco, Boston and Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
San Francisco has a great food scene. I had my restaurant there, Rubicon, for 14 years. You get a good feeling there. It’s very food- and wine-centric — the way I like to travel.
Jackson Hole is just absolutely stunning visually. We did an event there in June and it’s just a very beautiful part of the world.
London is an amazing place. I just love the architecture. I do a lot of walking in London. It’s always remarkable to me how much of a beautiful city it is. And also, with all the time we’ve spent in London, the dining scene kind of reminds me of New York. It’s kind of a burgeoning dining scene, so it’s exciting. When I’m there, I stay at the Metropolitan quite a bit, and The Dorchester as well.

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