What are Dushan Zaric’s favorite things to bring home from his travels?

I like to bring home gifts for my daughters. I kind of like to bring stuff that they cannot find in New York. For example, from Russia I always try to bring them something they can play with, like a very specific Russian arts-and-crafts game or a make-your-own-doll set with a babushka. They sell a set of babushkas that are blank, and you can paint the faces the way you want. If I am in Mexico, I like to get them Mexican dresses that the peasant ladies are wearing.
And then I’ll bring home the local booze. If it’s unavailable or illegal in the States, I’ll try to bring it in. Absinthe used to be illegal, so whenever I would go to Spain, I would bring a bottle of absinthe back and pray that I wouldn’t get caught.

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