What are Dushan Zaric’s tips for shopping in India?

To successfully purchase things in India, you have to have negotiation skills or bargaining skills. You have to really be able to walk away from an item you want to buy and go back two days after that, because they won’t really take you seriously and show you the best merchandise until they see you are really worth buying it.
For example, I use my wife as a partner in these negotiations, and she acts as bait and goes and gets all excited while I sit with the men and drink chai and smoke cigarettes. Then she comes back all excited with a bunch of stuff she wants, usually tapestries or statues. Then I enter into negotiations. In India, or anywhere else in Asia, the first thing that people do when they try to sell you something is they pull out a calculator. I love that game. I act upset and I walk away, and it’s this whole game and I enjoy it so much.

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