What does Dushan Zaric like best about his hometown of Brooklyn?

There’s all kinds of things you can do in Brooklyn. Brooklyn has a much different taste than New York. People stay in Brooklyn for most of the rest of their lives; whereas in Manhattan, you are pretty much turning over just like turnover in a restaurant. Manhattan has this feeling of “come, do your thing and go because we need more young people with dreams like you to come and give us their life force.” Brooklyn is different in that respect — you choose to live in Brooklyn because you settle in Brooklyn. That’s why Brooklyn feels more New York to me than Manhattan today.
Williamsburg is a study in transformation — it’s what New York is. If you want to witness impermanence in action, you go to Williamsburg because every week there is a new thing happening there — a new building is up, a new bar is up, a new gallery is opening. It’s just this vast amount of talented people and individuals who congregate in Williamsburg who make the energy of the place so addictive for me.

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