What does Ed Ng love most about his job?

Seeing people enjoy beauty. It is very rewarding to have your point of view and aesthetic style appreciated by others. This can be when a friend takes my advice to buy a beautiful handbag or a client buys a beautiful piece of furniture. There’s also the satisfaction of completing a project. For example, the recently opened Shangri-La Hotel, Qufu [in Shandong, China] — knowing that not only have I gained the seal of approval from the client, but also to see the smile and pride gleaming from the Qufu locals.

Qufu, being the birthplace of Confucius, has always had historical significance; but it’s never been fully developed. Personally, I feel the opening of Shangri-La [Hotel], Qufu, not only transformed the cityscape, but also awakened this “sleeping beauty.” The Qufu locals are proud to welcome the first luxury hotel to their city, and I believe the opening of Shangri-La Hotel, Qufu, along with the new high-speed rail, will spark increased interest in this destination. It is rewarding to know that this project we designed had such an effect on the community.

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