What does Ed Ng collect from his travels?

As an interior designer, art is a major source of inspiration for me. I am always on the lookout for original pieces, items that are symbolic of a destination’s history and culture. I also love pieces that convey an intriguing story; these are the items that speak to me. Once, while traveling between Taipei City and the airport, I visited the famous town of Yingge, which has an old street that houses an abundance of beautiful ceramics and pottery. Just walking down this street you can see the strong influence that Japanese art has had on Taiwanese craftsmanship, and how this technique is interpreted through Chinese culture. It was such an inspiring memory for me. Visiting these small galleries in this quaint little town took me to another world.

Quite often, I will also bring back a lot of local delicacies (such as spices and herbs from India, and exotic fruit from Thailand, as I am in Bangkok a lot) to share with family and friends. I once brought back a bunch of salted fish from Thailand — absolutely delicious!

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