What’s the best trip Ed Ng has ever taken?

I spent three months traveling through Europe when I was a student at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. I still have my Let’s Go Europe travel guide and my Europass rail ticket as mementos from that first trip. I visited so many places on that journey, including Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, Belgrade, Brussels, Budapest, Dubrovnik, Florence, Frankfurt, Lisbon, London, Milan, Munich, Paris, Rome, Santorini and Vienna. I was really lucky because I got to see East and West Berlin before the [Berlin] Wall came down the following year [in 1989]. The subway journey was especially interesting as it was built before the Cold War, and had stations that cut across West and East Berlin. You would occasionally go past an East Berlin station — completely dark and abandoned like a ghost town — and the next station would be in West Berlin — extremely modern and crowded. The contrast was fascinating! It was an eye-opening experience for a 17-year-old and a prologue to my subsequent jet-setting life!

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