How does Elaine Turner stay ahead of her competition?

I think what’s interesting in this market is how you differentiate yourself, and I think one that we really differentiate ourselves is the customer experience. I think we pride ourselves on not only what she experiences emotionally by being in the store, but how she is treated — service, intimate. We’re really big on an intimate environment and providing her with this experience that’s almost unforgettable from that perspective.

I think the way we differentiate ourselves is by a really classic yet updated mix of materials and unique details, giving her a lot of value for what she’s putting down. I really pride myself on being accessible. At the same time, giving her a ton of quality where she can walk out and not feel so guilty but feel like she can wear something for two or three seasons. I think it’s a combination. I think it really comes down to people being your key differentiators, people that you hire. I really believe that. I think people respond more emotionally to how they’re treated and how they feel when they’re in a certain store. All those things — it’s product and people.

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