What are Elaine Turner’s favorite restaurants?

I would say my favorite restaurants are probably doing boutique Italian in New York because I’m from Houston, so I feel like that’s something I’ve got to always search for. It brings back nostalgic memories for me and my husband when we first met. Two of my favorites in New York are Babbo and Lusardi’s, which is an Upper East Side family-owned restaurant; Babbo, obviously being the Mario Batali restaurant. Lusardi’s is a place I go to almost every time I’m in New York. It’s a neighborhood family restaurant, so again you have consistency, quality and warm environment.

And then I love Mexican food, and I’m kind of in the bastion of Mexican food here in Texas with Tex-Mex. It’s just something that becomes a part of your DNA. Every time you go away you come back and are like, “Where are my enchiladas?” So, I have several favorites here and in Austin. I eat at a Mexican food restaurant called Manuel’s in Austin, which is downtown. Here, I eat at El Tiempo and El Meson. So those would probably be my favorites: Italian and Mexican.

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