How does Elizabeth Falkner order when she dines out?

I think it just depends. I think when I'm looking at a menu I try to get the full experience of a restaurant. That doesn't mean I have to order everything. I remember I ate at Alinea, and at that time you had a choice of something like 12 or 24 courses. I thought, '12 is going to be memorable for me, 24 might get lost' — just trying to navigate what in the world I ate. And I think I want to try what the restaurant's known for, but maybe some stuff that just sounds like I've never had that before.
It's kind of like when people come here to San Francisco and I say 'oh, you have to eat at Chez Panisse and Zuni [Café].' Because those are like the restaurants that pretty much articulate what California cuisine really was all about, can be about and is still about. But some people will go to Zuni [Café] and have that roasted chicken. I have that once in a while when I go there, too; but the other stuff that changes more frequently is what I look for on that menu. So if I'm traveling somewhere, I want to have something that it's known for; but then see what else the chef is doing, what they're interested in at the moment.

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