What are Elizabeth Falkner's favorite restaurants?

I would go back to [Trattoria] Perilli in a second; but the place I go to often in San Francisco — and I'm not saying it just because it's some kind of cliché — I really love the café at Chez Panisse. I like going over to Berkeley because it feels like I'm totally somewhere else. It really is a different city than San Francisco. It feels like you're in Alice's tree house. I've had so many memorable lunches and dinners there, so many different chefs and friends over time. It’s so grounding and it's kind of almost like a religious experience for me in the way that I just think, it just makes me feel peaceful to go there.
And then also, I'm a huge fan of [Pizzeria] Mozza in Los Angeles. That's definitely one of my favorite restaurants. I'm obsessed with Nancy Silverton and her style. She's very specific — it's so Nancy Silverton. You know it's a Joe Bastianich and Mario Batali restaurant, too, but it's just got Nancy's name all over it. My favorite [pizza] is with a little salami, mozzarella and Fresno chiles (like red jalapeños). I mean, I love a lot of them. The sausage with fennel, cream and onions is really good, too.  They're all good. I drag people there. If I have to do some filming or anything in Los Angeles all I can think of is 'okay, when am I going to stop at Mozza?'
But I also like Suzanne Goin's restaurant, A.O.C., down there, too. Love that place.

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