What does Elizabeth Falkner wear when she travels?

It's kind of interesting because mostly when I travel it's usually related to work; so unfortunately I don't get to vacation all the time. I'm not complaining, because I get to travel enough with cooking here and there and doing demos and TV stuff once in a while. But I also feel like I have to be prepared to just jump in on anything at any time, so I kind of often just wear black jeans or blue jeans.
I'll carry either a lighter kind of soft leather jacket or a thick cotton [jacket]. I don't even know how to explain these two jackets that I have but I travel with them all the time. They're just like these big cotton, cool looking, kind of casual; but they're kind of so unique looking that they're a little bit dressed up in a way. It kind of tackles everything at once. I have a lot of black T-shirts. I have a lot of cool T-shirts that I just wear that have a lot of personality.

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