What would Elizabeth Falkner make for her dream dinner party?

First of all, we have a great wine shop here that I stop at a lot to get wines. It's called Terroir. It's really cool, funky little wine shop — everything is biodynamic. Mostly from Italy, France, Slovenia and Austria — those kind of places. Food-wise, I'd go to either the markets or the market day here because I know I'm going to get the ultimate arugula or mache or watercress or whatever at the market than I would at any supermarket. I live close to the Bay Bridge so when I talk about Berkeley it's easy for me to go there, not that far, so I actually go to Berkeley Bowl quite a bit. It's a super nice market and they have a lot of local farm produce and then they just have a huge amount of international stuff in bulk at really good prices.

[What I’d make] would depend on the season. If it were summer, I'd probably make a tomato-centric cobb salad. So I'd probably make like a creamy bleu cheese, some avocado. We have all the Early Girl dry-farmed tomatoes in right now and some medium boiled eggs, to be the chicken and a little tarragon in there and then some kind of watercress. It does not have to be a traditional cobb salad kind of thing. And, as long as we're faking it, croutons — why not?

I got some lovage — it's an herb, not something that you find everywhere — but it's got a nice, almost like a cross between a parsley and a celery leaf. I put it in a hamburger; actually, I made a meatloaf with it too and it was really good.

But, just something on the grill. We still have some really good corn around. I actually grilled some oysters the other day, put a little Tabasco butter and lime juice on it. It doesn't get much better than that. And a rosé while it still feels like summer.

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