Elizabeth Falkner


New York

Elizabeth Falkner loves culinary competition — she's tested her cooking mettle on TV shows like Next Iron Chef and Top Chef Masters. But she also likes being in the kitchen. She founded Citizen Cake, a bakery in San Francisco's South of Market, in 1997. It was an immediate hit. Then in fall 2012, Falkner went outside the dessert realm and made her way to Brooklyn to open Krescendo, a Neapolitan pizzeria. Her other accomplishments include a 2005 Pastry Chef of the Year nomination by the James Beard Foundation and serving on the board of directors of Women Chefs and Restaurateurs. Demolition Desserts, her first cookbook, was a finalist for the Julia Child, Best First Cookbook award in 2008. Cooking Off the Clock, her second book, was released in fall 2012.

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    What would Elizabeth Falkner make for her dream dinner party?

    First of all, we have a great wine shop here that I stop at a lot to get wines. It's called Terroir. It's really cool, funky little wine shop — everything is biodynamic. Mostly from Italy, France, Slovenia and Austria — those kind of places. Food-wise, I'd go to either the markets or the market day here because I know I'm going to get the ultimate arugula or mache or watercress or whatever at the market than I would at any supermarket. I live close to the Bay Bridge so when I talk about Berkeley it's easy for me to go there, not that far, so I actually go to Berkeley Bowl quite a bit. It's a super nice market and they have a lot of local farm produce and then they just have a huge amount of international stuff in bulk at really good prices.

    [What I’d make] would depend on the season. If it were summer, I'd probably make a tomato-centric cobb salad. So I'd probably make like a creamy bleu cheese, some avocado. We have all the Early Girl dry-farmed tomatoes in right now and some medium boiled eggs, to be the chicken and a little tarragon in there and then some kind of watercress. It does not have to be a traditional cobb salad kind of thing. And, as long as we're faking it, croutons — why not?

    I got some lovage — it's an herb, not something that you find everywhere — but it's got a nice, almost like a cross between a parsley and a celery leaf. I put it in a hamburger; actually, I made a meatloaf with it too and it was really good.

    But, just something on the grill. We still have some really good corn around. I actually grilled some oysters the other day, put a little Tabasco butter and lime juice on it. It doesn't get much better than that. And a rosé while it still feels like summer.