Does Eric Ripert think it takes creativity to be a chef?

So, creativity is something that you don’t control. You cannot say, “I’m going to be creative in one minute and I will stop in five minutes,” or push a button and turn it off when you’re done. Creativity comes whenever it wants, at least for me. I cannot domesticate that kind of experience. So, I have the habit of taking notes on papers when I have an idea, and so that way, I don’t forget. And then, I put my notes back into a file, well-written, and then, from those ideas, I look at them again, and they give me other ideas. Like, I mix idea #3 with idea #10 sometimes, and I come with another list. And then, I narrow down, narrow down, and I have at the end, from 100 notes that I took, maybe 10 that I try. Out of the 10, five are good. But it’s an endless process, and now, I mentor my sous chefs and I have also someone on staff who’s dedicated all day long to create and to find new ingredients and study techniques. So, we work together on that. So, that’s the creative side.

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