What have you learned about leadership?

Well, what I learned about leadership is, first of all, to become a leader, you have to be inspirational to your people. You do not proclaim yourself the leader. They are the ones who tell you that you are the leader. They are the ones who follow you when it’s difficult. So, you are put to the task, and when everything goes fine and it’s easy, you may believe you’re a leader. When you encounter some difficult time, you are leader when the team follows you.

Exactly like — you know, I always think about a lesson that I learned when I was on vacation once in Colorado with the dog sleds. It’s one leader — it’s the first dog — and then you have 25 dogs behind. And if the dog makes a mistake, they bark the first time a little bit. Second time, they all bark quite a bit. Third time, they bite the dog. And I always — I learned that from there 20 years ago. The leader is not necessarily the strongest dog; it’s the most sensitive dog.

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