What kind of dining experience is Eric Ripert trying to present?

Well, we have a very loyal New York clientele that support us for many, many years. We have, also, a very young clientele — New York clientele — as well. So, it’s a nice mix at night. We have a lot of tourists and a lot of businesspeople, and I think, in the restaurant it would be naive to think that everybody is seeking the same experience. Some people come here to have a great meal, and we call them “foodies.” Some people come here because they’re celebrating something. Some people are here because they’re visiting New York; they want to see what’s going on in the restaurants in New York. Some people are doing business and they’re trying to — either way — impress their client, or potentially, sign a deal. So, it’s a variety of people who are passing by here, and it’s the job of the waiter to read the clients, and to see what they are seeking, and then deliver the experience that they expect.

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