What would Fabio Viviani serve at his ultimate dinner party?

My ultimate dinner party would be in Italy. It’ll be at my house on a Tuscan hill. I’ll invite 20 of my closest friends and family members. Now, consider, I have more than 20 family members and friends; but I will only pick my favorite 20. I know it’s kind of mean to say, but I would love to leave everybody out. I have 20 people that I really care about and everybody else is just casual.

With that said, I would be in the middle of the Tuscan hills with some Chianti wine and some bottles of Brunello because also among those 20, there are some favorites and those are the ones drinking the Brunello. The rest are drinking regular Chianti. I will cook chicken, eggs, pancetta, beef tartare, tongues and lungs, and kidneys and sweetbreads. I will do a lot of potatoes because I love potatoes. And I love heirloom tomatoes. Anything that grows within 50 miles of where I’d be cooking, that’s exactly what I’m going to use.

For dessert, I’m going to make some drunken peaches. I’m going to get peaches and let them ripen in the sun off the tree so they get sweeter. I’m going to let them dry a little bit, grill them and soak them in wine, so by the end of the night we all have to be drunk — happily drunk because we’ve been drinking all day.

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