What are Ford Fry’s favorite restaurants?

No. 1, I’m tired of tasting menus. I like food with soul and great technique, like Tertulia in New York. Chef Seamus Mullen’s flavors are awesome; they’re balanced. Typically they have a lot of acid in them as well. He also has a wood-burning hearth that he uses to make paellas and so forth. I think his food just strikes me as very different from what I see in a lot of other places. L’Artusi in New York — I’ve had great meals there, and that’s just due to the technique. They may even have one of my favorite dishes of the year. It’s simple spaghetti noodles with a little toasted garlic, chile and a little breadcrumb, but the technique in the cooking is so awesome. I’ll always head back to Minetta Tavern. We go for steak and fries and bone marrow. Last time I was there was just so amazing. I love the vibe there — it’s fun and really cool, a good neighborhood spot. Their fries are the best in the world.

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