What would Frank Bonanno serve at his ultimate dinner party?

It depends; if my wife [Jacqueline] were eating at the party, it would have to be pescatarian. Most likely, we would start with a simple salad with champagne vinaigrette. Then we would have a pasta dish. It would probably be a real simple pasta dish like carbonara with my house-cured guanciale and organic fresh egg. There would be lobster in some form for sure — probably just a real simple grilled lobster. Then, without question, it would be a whole roasted rack of veal — bone-in, beautiful rack, crust, roasted to medium rare — served with some roasted potatoes and escarole. I’m not a huge dessert guy, so it would be something easy like a nice slice of caramel apple pie.

The obvious answer of where to get the ingredients would be Whole Foods, and there’s a great fish purveyor right around the corner from our house called Seafood Landing. He has great seafood and we can just walk to go pick it up, which is very convenient.

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