What’s the best trip Frank Bonanno has ever taken?

The best trip I’ve ever taken was probably to Maui for Spring Break 2013. We were there for about 12 days and stayed at Grand Wailea [A Waldorf Astoria Resort]. It was great because it was such a family trip and we made the most of it. We went to the rainforest and took a trip to the volcanic area. We paddleboarded every morning, snorkeled every day with the turtles. It was great. Ironically, I didn’t even play golf on that entire trip. That was probably one of the best trips we’ve had — maybe because my kids are older now — but it was just a really fun family experience. I think the hotel was very suited to that. The food was pretty damn good in some of the places we went. There was a restaurant called Monkeypod [Kitchen by Merriman] that was phenomenal. I think we ate there like five times. It’s one of the best Caesar salads I’ve ever had and it’s because of the lettuce; the lettuce was just unbelievably great.

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