What are Gil Hanse’s favorite cities to visit?

San Francisco. There’s just no place more beautiful. Generally, it has great food and great wine, spinning up into Napa and Monterey. I love Northern California.
Boston has always been a fun town. We’ve done a lot of work in Boston, so I enjoy being there. I grew up outside of New York — all my sports teams and all my family are from New York — so whenever I’m there, I enjoy that. And Philadelphia is obviously home, and we’ve grown very fond of it.
Outside of the country, we did work at Tokyo Golf Club, and I like Tokyo a lot. I also like Edinburgh, Scotland. It’s a very manageable city. We’ve built a couple courses there. I love the Scots — they’re just friendly and fun.
I’m learning to appreciate Rio. It’s obviously a very large city with a lot of complexities and issues with the disparity between wealth and poverty. I don’t know that I’ve ever been in a city that’s as dynamic and moving as Rio. And I’m hopeful that a year or 18 months from now, I’ll be saying, “Yeah, Rio, we had the greatest time of our lives down there. And it was just a fantastic place to be.”

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