What are Gil Hanse’s favorite hotels?

This is a cool story. The Tokyo Golf Club was originally right in Tokyo, it had to move out in the early ’30s and hire a British architect. While he was there designing the golf course, he was put in the Imperial Hotel, which was a Frank Lloyd Wright building.
On the final night when we had just completed our work on the Tokyo Golf Club, I was put at the Imperial. The original architect stayed there, and now they put me up in the same hotel. It’s not the same building; it’s obviously been changed. The level of service there was phenomenal. That’s probably as wonderful of a hotel experience I’ve had — not only the level of service, but also just because of the experience there.
I did stay at the Amanyara resort in Turks and Caicos. We were looking at possibly doing a project there. That was out-of-this-world incredible. Unfortunately, it never built a golf course so it didn’t lead to anything.

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