What will Gil Hanse do to Doral Golf Resort & Spa’s golf course?

Doral is a very exciting project. Whenever you get an opportunity to work on a venue that has a great history and has hosted numerous championships, it is great. Every year it’s been open, it has hosted a PGA Tour event. Most golfers know the name Blue Monster; they understand it. They know what that looks like, what that feels like. What Donald [Trump] wants to do is elevate and restore a lot of the elegance and beauty that was always associated with Doral. I think over a period of years the place has been on a downward slide. Everyone’s excited about the commitment that the Trump organization is making to revitalizing and restoring that cachet and that glamour to the resort.
One of the nice things, from our standpoint, is we’ve been able to convince [Donald Trump] that the historical perspective of the resort is an important part of the story. The tradition and the history is not something that we should just wipe away. Dick Wilson, the original designer of the golf course, had some merit, and some of the things he did we should pay attention to.
I’m excited about that opportunity because whenever we get a chance to work on historic properties, we love more the restorative aspect as opposed to the renovation aspect. This is not going to be a pure restoration. There’s no way I can fake it and say that’s going to be the case. But we’ll be able to keep a lot of the historic elements that we think are important. We’ll upgrade it to be a great test for the finest players in the world.

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