How does music influence Graham Elliot's food?

It's not a direct thing. I don't say, "We're going to take The Beatles' The White Album and make 10 white dishes." Like at g.e.b., it's much more of a punk aesthetic, where we're going to have a record player at the bar, all menus are going to be on an LP, and the guests are going to be able to take that record out and go play it for the dining room to hear. We’re going to have bandanas as the napkins — just really stripped down and fun. It's not kitschy at all. It's really more of an "eff you" to the idea of what a restaurant has to be. It's a place that we would want to eat and hang out at as a team and as a restaurant. This place continues to be more of an homage to creativity and artistry and pushing the envelope. 

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