What are Grant Achatz’s Next restaurant e-books like?

The concept of Next is — from a culinary point of view — let’s change the identity of a restaurant every quarter. Nobody else would consider doing that because it’s really hard. Then my partner Nick [Kokonas] thought of selling tickets to a restaurant. And I was like, “Wow, that’s a leap of faith, and it’s really hard. We should do it.” Then we said we should make an iBook. The concept of Next is that every three or four months, the restaurant changes. So you go from “Paris” to “Thailand” to “Childhood” to “El Bulli,” and we thought it would be really cool to package it all up.
So how do we do that? Well, we break it apart. And every quarter we do the photography, writing, everything — it’s all produced in house. We got on the phone with Apple and they were excited about it. We supply all the collateral material, and they load it and make it beautiful. So now every quarter, we put out a book, an e-book, basically. I think these are innovative, cool things that we’re doing that are driving fields forward.

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