Greg Majors


New York

Bay Area native Greg Majors made his way to Manhattan in 2005 when he took a job at CRU — his first of two stints at the wine-focused restaurant. After splitting his time between the kitchen and the dining room, Majors left CRU to open Insieme in 2007 with Paul Grieco and Marco Canora. It was here that he found his passion for wine. Heading back over to CRU in 2009 as wine director, Majors headed up one of the country’s most admired wine programs and worked with some of the most sought-after regions, producers and bottles in the world. Between the two restaurants, Majors found plenty of inspiration for his next job: Craft. He landed his position as beverage director at Craft in September 2010 with the goal of having a wine for every palate and pocketbook, while encouraging his guests and staff to have fun with the unknown.