How does Greg Majors choose wines pairings?

Sometimes it’s [kind of] a guessing game because you theoretically can’t taste everything food-wise before pairing it with the wine. I think it’s more important to know the components of the dish — e.g., Are there red or black pepper flakes? Is there use of garlic or onion? Are there vegetable components? — and know which wines pair better with that.

The cliché would be spicier foods with a sweet riesling; something with vegetable components like Brussels sprouts or greens, sauvignon blanc goes well with that; if you have a fish in a butter sauce, you know, chardonnay or really ripe Rhone Valley whites would do well with that. If I can’t taste the food, I really look into what the ingredients are and based on that, I can have a better assessment about what to do and what to pair with it.

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