Is Greg Majors pro screw-top wines?

I am, depending on what you’re trying to accomplish with it. The whole reason for a screw top is that you don’t want any air to get into the juice, which is what you get with a cork. By selecting a screw top, you are maintaining all the freshness. That’s what you find with a lot of sauvignon blancs, because by disallowing air into the bottle, you maintain all the fresh fruit and the fresh minerals. Whatever came out of the fermentation tank is what you want to capture in the bottle.

The same can be said for reds. You can have a beaujolais or a young syrah or a young grenache, and all you want to do is maintain all that fresh fruit. Having a screw top is a good way to go. And it’s cheaper. If you’re a young winery or a winery mass producing juice — not that I necessarily support that — it’s cost effective.

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