What are Greg Majors’ favorite cities?

I tend to lean toward Western Europe. The most memorable places that I’ve been to in the past five years have been Berlin and Vienna. I just found them to be aesthetically beautiful. Obviously, it’s more East Berlin than West Berlin where you find some of the architecture intact. Surprisingly, I found the food to be even more enticing. You know, you’re not going to go to every place and find something memorable. I was just really surprised with the quality of the food and the drink. I just didn’t want to leave.

And being from California, I’m partial to some places there — specifically the Monterey-Carmel area. I love to go there and just decompress.

I just took a trip to Ireland. That blew me away as far as how wonderful the people were. I don’t know if it was because we were American and they were going through some tough economic times; but we were in Cork and I couldn’t get away from how lovely they were to us — just their gratitude. The landscapes really speak for themselves. I played golf a couple times and they were immaculate golf courses. You know, the food is so-so; it’s touch-and-go. Just their warming embrace was enough to convince me that I’m going to make several trips back there. If I want to get a couple of buddies together and go out there for a weekend golf trip, you’re there in five and a half hours, and it’s so easy to get around there.

Finally, I love to be in London. Even though you’re paying two-to-one on the dollar, for me, it’s worth it. I love the energy of the city — just going out and walking around. It’s a tweak on New York. I find it feels like home, but also new and unique.

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