What are Greg Majors' favorite wineries?

Domestically, on the West Coast, I’m a big fan of Robert Sinskey and Ridge. Au Bon Climat makes great wine. There’s a big wine movement going on here in New York that I’ve really gotten behind. Some of the wineries are out on Long Island — there’s one called Lenz that has some pretty special stuff and Paumanok.

I think a region with more excitement is the Finger Lakes, specifically Seneca Lake. Wineries like Anthony Road, Lamoreaux Landing are doing some great stuff with white varietals, specifically riesling. I really don’t think the Finger Lakes region has figured out how to do reds quite yet; but some of their whites are outstanding.

European, the syrahs and such from Domaine Chave. Into Burgundy, [Domaine Jean] Grivot and [Michel] Lafarge. I’m always partial to Northern Italian wines like Cavalotto and [Bruno] Giacosa, if I want to splurge.

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