What does Greg Majors love most about hotels?

I guess it’s the genuine customer service — not rehearsed. I was in Miami with my mother — I travel a lot with my mother, and I have since I was a little boy — we went down to visit my grandfather’s grave and we stayed at this hotel that was just rebuilt; just reopened; beautiful, beautiful space right on the water; gigantic hotel. But what didn’t match up was the customer service. They seemed very robotic. They didn’t really have a true sense of authenticity. That’s what I find when I stay at the Four Seasons, when I stay at Claridge’s — they have the professionalism and they have the right mannerisms in what to say. You can just tell it’s either genuine or they fake it really well.

And ultimately it’s the bed. Sometimes it’s a bed you just can’t stand. That’s why I like the Four Seasons, I think they have a custom line for the company, and it’s in all the hotels, more or less. They’re extremely comfortable.

Finally, it’s the spa — if I want to get really into it. It’s amazing, the variants of hotel spas, whether it’s the size or what’s offered — a pool, sauna or steam. Some places that you’d think would have a fairly luxurious spa, it simply just doesn’t exist.

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