What up-and-coming labels is Greg Majors watching?

From the Finger Lakes region of New York, Lamoreaux Landing — even though Lamoreaux Landing already has been established — and Anthony Road. Fox Run Vineyards is another. West Coast, the winery called Copain is started to make some headway. Out on Long Island — not necessarily a new estate, but new in relation to other Long Island wineries — it’s called McCall.

Then jumping way off the map, in Australia, there’s a little producer called Izway. It’s a project with the principal winemaker for Torbreck, which is a more renowned Australian winery producing syrah and grenache. The head winemaker branched off — he’s still working for Torbreck, but he’s now making his own label called Izway. It’s quite, quite good what he’s doing with syrah and some grenache, and some of the other varietals that do well in Australia.

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