What’s Greg Majors’ go-to red wine for a steak dinner?

If I know the producer, I like to go into Campania. The grape is called aglianico, which is a varietal that is commonly referred to as the “nebbiolo of the Italian south.” Aglianico mimics nebbiolo, which is what they make barolo and barbaresco from, in aromatics, flavor and structure. They have a lot of the same qualities as far as tannin level, aromatics and flavors, like tar and fresh roses, that you find with nebbiolo. However, you just don’t pay as much.

So if I can find something from Taurasi, which is just east of Naples, made from the aglianico grape, to me, that just really satisfies a rib-eye or a porterhouse —something with some marbling and fat because the weight in the tannin of the grape.

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