What are Jenn Louis’ favorite cities?

I love going to San Francisco. I love New York, domestically, obviously. I spent a really great week in Rome last year.

I didn’t grow up in a city, and I live in a small city, so I like things that I don’t have in my own market — I really like more urban density. I like that balance of being able to really enjoy myself without too much stimulation but just enough that I can have a really good time. I like rural as well, but I like to be able to eat some really good food, obviously. I like to stay somewhere really comfortable. I like to be able to have a good variety of art and culture. It’s fun to go somewhere where the weather is not like yours at that time. And I really like great hospitality. I work in the hospitality field; so when I travel, it’s really nice to be taken care of.

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