What trends does Jo Soh see becoming more important in the design industry?

I think that there are many contrasting trends. There are different schools of thought running side-by-side. There would be the eco, sustainable kind of design happening and then there’s new technology that’s big. New technology, such as 3-D printing for example, is influencing design. I have visited a 3-D printing lab in Singapore, and it was fascinating to see how they could replicate a 3-D object in [less than] an hour. Because of the way that 3-D printing works, they could even create objects that have been technically impossible to create with machines until now. The technicians at the lab told me that 3-D printing technology today is still in its infancy, so I can only imagine the possibilities in the future. In terms of fashion design, nanotechnology of fabric fibers will also influence the way fashion designers design. Thin lightweight fibers that retain heat for example will mean that winter wear of the future would get thinner and lighter, and thick heavy coats will be ancient history. Then there’s a big nostalgia kind of thing going on, as well.

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