Will Jo Soh design other things than clothing?

We did furniture for an art exhibition  in Singapore, and that project was all about recycling and reusing; so I found an old wooden sofa set and replaced the conventional cushions with ones I made by stuffing shirts and pants where the holes (such as the necklines, waistlines, sleeve cuffs and leg hems) were sealed up. The stuffed shirt cushions lined the back of the wooden sofa frame and the stuffed pants cushions lay on the seat. Together, they looked like a bunch of friends seated together on a sofa, and so the whole finished product was named the "Friends and Family" sofa set.

We also designed the surface for an electric bicycle, but it didn’t get made. Outside of fashion, we do a lot of uniform design. At the end of the day, the design product is just a medium, so I can do anything.

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