What are John Hendricks’ favorite hotels?

I spend a lot of time in New York because Discovery has an office there, so I go there for business. I have two favorite New York hotels. One’s kind of traditional, but I’ve come to love The Waldorf Towers at Waldorf Astoria New York. I think it’s because it’s close to the Discovery office, but it’s also a place where everybody knows my name. It’s just this comfortable residential setting, and that’s something that I’ve come to value in a hotel — that it feels like home. Most of the rooms have a very traditional New York hotel feel, but you can still just relax. They have comfortable couches, enough living space so you can sit and read a book or watch TV, and it’s all separated from the bedroom. My other favorite place is The Ritz-Carlton New York, Central Park. I typically stay there on personal trips because I love the easy access to Central Park.

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