What does John Hendricks look for in a hotel?

I love a little more space, and I value comfort. There are some hotels that just aren’t comfortable. Just being able to have comfortable furniture you can lie down on or read a book or watch TV after a long day of business or touring is important. And I really value having my own closet; when the bags are all unpacked, I like to have enough space to get the bags out of the room or in a closet, so spaciousness is important. And a big thing I look for, and we’ve made sure we have at Gateway Canyons, is plenty of space to put your toiletries in the bathroom. It’s so amazing to go into a great hotel and find no place to lay out all of your toiletries. I also like having a good restaurant within the hotel in case I’m lazy and don’t want to go out. And plenty of outlets for being able to plug in your iPhone or iPad or whatever electronic device is also necessary. A little thing like that can turn into an annoyance if you have to struggle to find a wall outlet.

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