What are John Ragan’s favorite hotels?

In San Francisco, the one place that I always try to stay is actually outside the city. It’s right over the bridge in Marin. It’s called Cavallo Point. It’s a relatively new place that’s only been open for maybe five or six years. The rooms are great. It’s got a very spacious feel. You get views of the Golden Gate Bridge, but in 10 minutes you can get to San Francisco. From here, you can easily head north as well, and you can get to Sonoma in half the time it takes if you were in the city. And when you’re in Marin, you can smell the eucalyptus trees and get the fresh air. It is a great definition of the Bay Area.
I’ve stayed at quite a few different places in Italy — so many great ones — but I haven’t really gone back to the same ones over and over again. I keep trying out new ones. If I can, I like to stay at the wineries because then you really get a sense of the culture.

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