What are John Ragan’s favorite restaurants?

One that was an especially memorable spot is a little bit of a quirky restaurant, but it really is one of my favorites in Piedmont, Da Cesare. It’s up in the hills. The chef does goat and things like that. From a special dinner, not necessarily one with a fancy wine, I save a cork and write the date on there and who I had dinner with. You look at those years later and it takes you back to that moment much better than a picture does.
In Verona, there’s a fairly famous spot called Bottega de Vino, which is very old and historic sort of wine bar and restaurant. The cuisine there is very simple, but it’s really delicious. That’s a great food and wine experience. And you definitely feel like you’re in Italy when you’re there. That’s always a stop for me.
In Milan, there are two places that are related. There’s a restaurant called Cracco Peck for a great, fancy Milanese Italian experience. And then just around the corner there is a market called Peck, and it’s owned by the same people. It’s like a testament to Italian food because they’ve got just everything, depending on what time of year you’re there.

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