What does John T.A. Vanderslice always travel with?

What I bring is too many chargers. I can’t believe the entire electronics world can’t get together and fix that. Somehow we’ll fix it in our hotels. Because I travel so much, I also keep my passport, wallet and everything I need to travel in the same pocket and the same place every time, no matter where I am in the world. I also can’t change my Tumi roller bag. It’s got to be the same stuff. I travel with an iPad, but I’m not very good at typing on it, so I bring an Apple keyboard with me. And then I carry a Kindle because the reflection of the iPad hurts my eyes a little bit. And, of course, I have a BlackBerry with me because I haven’t gone over to the iPhone yet. I also have this zipper tube with a beautiful Baume & Mercier watch that basically stays in there, because what I wear is a $100 G-Shock watch that easily changes time zones. I always mean to wear the fancy-shmancy watch, but I never end up putting it on because this other one is just so efficient.

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