How does Jonathan Morr stay ahead of his competition?

I don’t know if I would necessarily look at it as staying ahead of the competition. I don’t know if one can stay ahead of the competition because there’s so much out there and so many great things out there. I think the trick is not to consider it competition necessarily, but make sure, as much as you can, that what you do is very good and maybe a step up from others. I never really look at other restaurants as competition. There are a lot of clients out there and there’s enough room for everyone. It’s really just staying true to what you do. There are trends sometimes, and that points you in a way that maybe you do have to stay ahead of the game. When I opened Republic, for example, there were really no noodle restaurants in New York. I had a feeling about noodles and I said, “If I’m doing it, then it has to be big. It has to be on a very big scale that kind of establishes itself.” Coming back to the question, if it comes to dealing with competition: Yes, I had that in mind, but I wanted to make a big statement. So, we opened Republic, which is a huge restaurant.

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