What are Jonathan Morr’s favorite cities to visit?

Paris, London and Tel Aviv. One of the reasons why I like them is because I go there often. For the most part, going to all three cities, I feel at home going there. I lived in Tel Aviv — I was actually born there. I’ve lived in Paris a few times; I had an apartment there. I lived in London; I went to [King’s] College there for a little bit.

Paris is arguably one of the most beautiful cities in the world. London is vibrant. There’s a lot going on in London when it comes to the food business, restaurants; I get inspired a lot when I go there. As for Tel Aviv, I think it’s a beautiful city. It’s an easy city for me, maybe because I’m so accustomed to it. There are beaches and great restaurants. The people are a bit tough, but besides that the weather is great in Tel Aviv. Obviously July is arguably hot, but it’s not that it’s too chilly in New York City in July and August. [In Tel Aviv] you’ve got the beach and the breeze. The winters are beautiful: It could be cold, could be rainy, but you can easily have many days in the winter that have sunny 75-degree weather. And really, most of my traveling, whether it’s for work or pleasure or visiting family, would be those three cities.

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