What does Jonathan Morr collect from his travels?

It really depends on where I go. In the old days it was much easier because there were a lot of things that were not necessarily available everywhere. There were certain things that you could only get in Paris or New York. Today, for the most part, everything is available everywhere, so it kind of kills the thrill and fun of shopping when you travel.

There are still certain things I bring home. If I go to Paris, I always buy a dozen Costes candles — there are maybe one or two stores in New York where you can get them. When I go to London, I go to Marks & Spencer and buy three dozen socks to last me for a few months; I’ve always worn the same socks since I can remember. I also buy food at Marks & Spencer — mustard and certain canned food. From Tel Aviv, I would bring things back like olive oil or certain Israeli food that you may or may not be able to get here. There’s a particular canned tuna I like that you can only get in Paris, so I travel with that. It’s embarrassing sometimes if I do get stopped at customs and there are a dozen cans of tuna in my bag.

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