What does Jonathan Morr love most about his job?

The thing I like most about it is that I don’t call it a job. I don’t really have a “job.” I don’t have to wake up at a certain time in the morning and go to a certain place. I can more or less — not always, obviously — set my own schedule. I would say besides that it’s really the creative part of it that I like the most, putting a restaurant together. I like the design process of it; I’m a frustrated designer so that’s a big thing for me. I like putting a team together, setting the menu, the tastings. It’s putting it together that’s really my favorite part. There’s so much involved in opening a restaurant. For me, I get very involved in everything — from the glassware to the plates to picking the chopsticks. There’s a lot more than people would think. There are a lot of aspects of putting a restaurant together that I would think most restaurateurs don’t really deal with; they can hire a designer and go do their thing. Of course, they’re involved; but I am much more involved than most people would be because I like the process.

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