Are there any ingredients José Andrés couldn’t live without?

Ingredients I cannot live without, quite frankly, has nothing to do with ingredients. Why? Because when I know there is so much need in the world and I see how happy people are with almost nothing, it would be almost shameful to tell you I cannot live without. Even I can tell you that I would like caviar, foie gras and oysters. I also love chickpeas and a humble egg. To me, a humble sardine will be the most sophisticated fish — way beyond tuna — but because there are so many and they are so cheap, we don’t give value to them.

So I can argue that usually humanity has the need to love what is the most expensive and the most difficult things to get. As humans, we need to start loving and endorsing the things that maybe are humble and easy and everywhere, but they are fascinating. A fresh peach in season with the juices flowing around your mouth with the sweetness, acidity, is the most fascinating thing you can be doing.

So my ingredients would not be food because I could live with any one.

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